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UK Bookbinders Case Study

A case study highlighting how one of our clients benefits from invoice discounting with Optimum Finance.

Optimum Finance set to become UK’s fastest growing invoice finance firm as SMEs seek finance options to ease cash flow

Fastest Growing

Invoice finance firm Optimum Finance is reporting exceptional growth with reported turnover performance eight times greater at the end of June compared to 2017. Founded in 2017, Optimum Finance provides tailored funding solutions for SMEs to enable them to release cash tied up in client and customer invoices. With staff numbers doubling over the past …read more

SME Survey

SME Survery

Mind the Gap: Optimum Finance warns SMEs to uphold their payment terms  Inconsistent payment terms resulting in cash flow pressure and an opaque financial outlook are the key findings of a survey of SME businesses in the South West. Invoice finance firm Optimum Finance surveyed owners and senior managers in thirty-three companies across the region …read more

SME owners should pass a business ‘driving’ test before they can set up a new company

Business Test

More than half of new UK businesses don’t survive beyond their first five years and while SME owners will readily blame the tax system, lack of bank lending or late payments, often the failure is down to something much more basic – bad financial management. The harsh truth is that many SMEs in Britain are …read more

Optimum App Featured

Optimum App

A business news site recently featured the Optimum Finance app for SMEs (original article) Bristol-based invoice finance firm Optimum Finance has launched its industry’s first app aimed at accountants to empower them to gain almost immediate funding approval for their small business clients. The mobile and desktop app asks referrers eight simple questions based on …read more

Luxus Trade Case Study

Luxus Case Study

Invoice financing case study for Luxus Trade home fragrances.

Control of Cash!

The effects of the recent recession have shown us that “control of cash is the single most important factor in running any business however good the product potential and however good the skills of the management team” (Genghis Khan Guide to Business).   Stocks and debtors are the main source of the funding problem. On …read more

Why small businesses fail and how to avoid it

It’s no secret that the survival of small business can be challenging for entrepreneurs in the UK — only four in ten businesses survive past the five year mark of running the business. Businesses fail from making continuous mistakes which lead to the collapse of their business, so knowing the causes of business failure is …read more

When the money runs out!

As the UK emerges from the worst recession post-war, its vulnerability to the funding gap has been seen to be particularly acute. Still, three or four years since we emerged Optimum SME Finance believe that as many as one in five SMEs could be overtrading.   Overtrading is when new business absorbs working capital faster …read more

Importance of due diligence and the “Short Firm Fraud”

Due Diligence and understanding the ability and willingness to pay of your counterparties is important in all business relationships, not only for lenders and specialty financiers. In this blog post we highlight a sophisticated scam, which targets trade suppliers of goods, often early stage companies building a client book. Small companies are being advised to …read more