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4th June 2024

Paul Green appointed Senior Regional Sales Director

We've promoted Paul to become our Senior Regional Sales Director, allowing us to reach new heights and support more UK businesses with funding facilities.

21st May 2024

Jess joins Team Optimum as our latest RM

Jess joins Team Optimum to help us bridge the gap between introducers and retained clients in a time of high demand.

1st May 2024

Ready-Set-Go. Team Optimum gear up for the Great Bristol Run

Members from all ranks of Team Optimum are gearing up for the AJ Bell Great Bristol Run in support of Cancer Research UK

3rd April 2024

Ross Stephenson, Senior RM joins Team Optimum

Ross Stephenson joins the team to help further drive new business growth and provide support to a growing RM team.

13th March 2024

Saskia marks the next generation of Team Optimum

We've partnered with the City of Bristol College to appoint our first apprentice, to develop and attract the next generation of Invoice Finance professionals, and welcoming Saskia to the team.

8th March 2024

Optimum Finance celebrate Women in Finance on International Women’s Day

Today we celebrate International Women's Day, celebrating some of the wonderful women in our team.

5th February 2024

Avoiding Risk and Improving Cash Flow

Worried about credit risk? Read on to find our top tips on how manage it and keep cash flowing...

31st January 2024

Iain Hendry appointed National Head of Sales

Iain Hendry has been promoted to become our National Head of Sales, in recognition both of his own contribution to the team and the exceptional performance of the business in introducing more small businesses to a critical source of cashflow funding.

4th January 2024

Risk and Recoveries Manager, Steve Chapman joins Team Optimum

Optimum Finance Bolsters Operations Team with Appointment of Experienced Risk and Recoveries Manager, Steve Chapman

3rd January 2024

Hazel and Savannah join Team Optimum

Hazel Hastings and Savannah Smith join Team Optimum to support its customer service, credit control and new business teams.

2nd January 2024

RM Team welcomes two new appointments

Kiera, Relationship Manager and Hannah, RM Support Executive join Team Optimum to sustain new business growth as the company heads into 2024.

15th December 2023

Recruiting for the Future

Through our partnership with City of Bristol College, we’re on the search for two new Apprentice Business Administrators to join the growing Optimum Team.

30th October 2023

Madison Hardcastle-Ward - Finalist for Rising Star of the Year

We are thrilled to announce that Commercial Team Exec - Madison Hardcastle-Ward was a finalist for the Credit Strategy Women in Credit Awards Rising Star of the Year! Read more below.

30th October 2023

Sherie Culley - Finalist for Team Leader of the Year

We are excited to announce that Head of Operations, Sherie Culley, was a finalist for Team Leader of the Year at the Credit Strategy Women in Credit Awards. Read more below.

30th October 2023

Vicky Baber - Finalist for Team Player of the Year

We are delighted to announce that Senior Account Executive, Vicky Baber was a finalist for the Credit Strategy Women in Credit Awards Team Player of the Year. Read more below.

30th October 2023

Claire Lewis - Finalist for Woman of the Year

We are proud to announce that last month, Chief Operating Officer, Claire Lewis was a finalist for the Credit Strategy Women in Credit Awards Woman of the Year! Read more below.

27th October 2023

Four of the Best at the Credit Strategy Women in Credit Awards

We are proud to announce that last month, four amazing members of our team were finalists at the Credit Strategy #WiCAwards!

24th October 2023

Ming Foods chooses Optimum Finance as vital ingredient for growth

Ming Foods has partnered with Optimum Finance to receive a scalable cashflow funding tool, better suited to fuel growth and provide greater flexibility in its purchasing decisions. This has resulted in a tailored Invoice Finance facility.

2nd October 2023

Optimum Finance helps Scottish Dairy Farm to Mooov with the times!

One of Scotland's fastest growing organic dairy farms has benefitted from a funding facility, with Optimum Finance helping to expand its range of dairy products and sufficiently manage its cashflow.

4th August 2023

What does the Hike in Interest Rates mean for Business?

On the 3rd of August, the Bank of England raised UK interest rates for the 14th consecutive time to 5.25 percent, the highest level since the 2008 financial crash, as it continues its battles against rising inflation.

3rd August 2023

Bouncing back, and bouncing high...

British businesses are bouncing back, and with a voracious appetite for funding, if the latest record results from Optimum Finance are anything to go by...

21st June 2023

Right Staff Makes Right Move in Funding for Growth

Recruitment is a challenging industry. Meeting payroll obligations on a weekly basis for temporary staff and having to wait two months to be paid by the client leaves a large hole in the cashflow that needs to be plugged. Right Staff Recruitment found the answer in Invoice Finance. And now the business is on a fast trajectory for growth.

19th June 2023

Senior RM, Mike Jones joins Team Optimum

Optimum Finance has appointed Mike Jones as a Senior Relationship Manager (RM) to further bolster the team as we continue to consolidate new leads, drive client relations and sustain new business growth.

11th April 2023

Crafting the Perfect Cashflow Solution: Mondo Brewery

The brewing industry can be a challenge at the best of times. Throw in a global pandemic, and the strain on business and cashflow increases significantly, demanding different ways of thinking. For Todd Matteson, co-founder and Director of the Mondo Brewing Company, it meant looking beyond ‘traditional’ lending or an overdraft to a cashflow funding tool that better suited his needs.

27th March 2023

Powered to Succeed: Kielder Tools

When a husband and wife team were looking to expand Kielder, their specialist automotive power tools business, they fully understood the critical importance of cashflow. Paying suppliers and staff while waiting to be paid themselves by some of the major resellers was the challenge; the solution was a tailored Invoice Finance facility from Optimum Finance.

20th March 2023

Experienced Client Services appointment expands Account Executive Team

We welcome David Tugwell to Optimum, joining us as an Account Executive to bolster our lead generation and new business team

15th March 2023

What does the Spring Budget mean for Business?

After a year that saw soaring inflation, rising interest rates and substantially increased energy bills conflate into a cost-of-living crisis, the impact has affected businesses and households alike. We’re certainly playing our role, but we need support from the Government. To that end, to what extent does the Spring Budget help the small business community?

14th March 2023

Amir joins Team Optimum to Strengthen Sales in the East of England Region

Regional Director, Amir Pournasrollahzadeh joins the team to lead regional sales in the East of England following roles at Hitachi Capital and more recently, Muse Finance.

10th November 2022

Continuity and Resilience finalists at the British Credit Awards

We're excited to announce that we've been successful in reaching the finals of the prestigious British Credit Awards in the Continuity and Resilience category.

31st October 2022

5 top tips for small businesses working with big clients

We spoke to Liz Barclay, the Small Business Commissioner, recently about the pressures put on businesses from late payments and from that, Liz gave us her five top tips for working with bigger clients.

21st October 2022

How invoice finance can help the day-to-day running of your business

We spoke to Eloise Smith at The Chef’s Patisserie about her experience using our online invoice finance system.

5th October 2022

Optimum Finance joins the Good Business Charter

We're delighted to announce that we're a part of the Good Business Charter, an accreditation that seeks to raise the bar on business practices for employees, tax, the environment, customers and suppliers.

26th September 2022

Liz Truss' energy plan and what it means for business?

Over the past few months, rising costs of energy have been a source of concern for households and businesses alike. On the 21st of September, our newly appointed Prime Minister, Liz Truss, announced her plan for tackling the energy crisis - but what does this mean for your business?

10th August 2022

Half-a-billion pounds advanced to UK SMEs

Key milestones for Optimum this year have been over half a billion pounds advanced to UK SMEs, processing over 400,000 invoices and working with clients in almost 50 different industries.

5th August 2022

Bank of England announces interest rate increases. What does this mean for business?

The Bank of England has warned the UK will fall into recession at the end of 2022 after raising interest rates by the most in 27 years.

4th August 2022

Benefits of knowing your Cash Conversion Cycle score

When your Cash Conversion Cycle score is as good as possible, it's time to reap the rewards. Let’s look at the benefits of knowing your score.

3rd August 2022

How to shorten your Cash Conversion Cycle

A negative cash cycle score is the dream but for most businesses it’s just not realistic. Here are some ways to keep your score as low as possible allowing you quicker access to working capital to grow and improve your business.

2nd August 2022

What your Cash Conversion Cycle score means

Cash Conversion Cycle time can then give you an idea of how your business is faring and any steps you need to take to manage your working capital. But how do you interpret the outcome of your calculations?

1st August 2022

How to calculate your Cash Conversion Cycle score

If you run a business, there are certain indicators that you should be keeping an eye on. One of the most useful, yet underused, is the Cash Conversion Cycle.

5th July 2022

Invoice financing and the benefit of a partnership

As a business owner, you’ll likely need financial support in one form or another to fully optimise your business. Putting your trust in a reliable partner to access this funding is the key to its success.

21st June 2022

We're 'Business of the Year' finalists at the National SME Business Awards

We’re passionate about supporting SMEs and seeing our clients succeed is really all the reward we need...but a shiny award is a wonderful reminder of why we do it!

15th June 2022

SME Finance Charter

We're proud to be signed up to the UK government's SME Finance charter. As an approved member of the charter, here are our commitments to the five principles.

9th June 2022

5 reasons why invoice finance means your business is doing well

Invoice finance has become a safe way for businesses to grow and support their cash flow. It's a sign that you’re taking steps to secure the future of your business and being smart about your financial choices. Here are five reasons why invoice finance means your business is doing well.

7th June 2022

The benefits of accepting extended payment terms

Extended payment terms is a strategy that leverages paying back invoices over a longer period of time. But why put your business in the position of accepting extended payment terms?

1st June 2022

Facilitating long payment terms for large customers - Chefs Patisserie Invoice Finance Testimonial

Nigel Smith, Managing Director of The Chef's Patisserie, talks to us about how invoice finance gives his company a competitive advantage when dealing with large blue chip customers.

25th April 2022

Could Invoice Finance Have Avoided £4.9 Billion of COVID Fraud?

While most businesses used the government support schemes responsibly during the pandemic, a criminal element of fraudsters also took advantage. Could the pre-existing invoice finance system have avoided this?

14th April 2022

Staff Spotlight - Simon Stanton-Hobbs

We spoke to Simon about his role as a Relationship Manager to find out more about how our team work with our clients.

4th April 2022

Who can use invoice finance?

A commonly asked question we get is “who can use invoice finance?”. Regional Director Iain Hendry takes you through a few business types that can flourish with invoice finance

22nd March 2022

Using invoice finance to fund a pre-pack acquisition

Glenn Blackman, Partner at FundInvoice, lends his expertise to discuss whether a "pre-pack" may be right for your business.

10th March 2022

Meeting increased demand to support the NHS

Our client, Anze, made a huge difference to the UK health industry through the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re very proud to be a part of this work, supplying funding and support to the Nottinghamshire based business.

10th March 2022

Why customer service is king at Optimum Finance

We pride ourselves on one thing above all: providing excellent customer service. Lots of companies say that, but to us, it looks a bit different.

10th March 2022

Invoice finance explained

Invoice financing is a powerful tool that can help businesses put additional cash in their bank accounts. Although we know we’re somewhat biased, we genuinely believe that there is real value to invoice financing when it’s used effectively.

10th March 2022

Why managing SME cash flow is critical for SMEs

Cash is like oxygen to SMEs - and without a reliable supply coming in, you could find your business suffocating. But what exactly does the term ‘cash flow’ mean, and why is managing it so important?

1st March 2022

Staff Spotlight - Catrina Hendy

We spoke to Catrina from our credit control team to learn a little more about what it takes to keep your collections and credit control running smoothly.

22nd February 2022

Starting the year with a hat-trick of award nominations

We've started the year strong being nominated in three separate business awards.

10th February 2022

Six reasons to get your supply chain in order

Supply Chain Management (SCM) has become an important part of many businesses. But what is it? And why is it so important?

1st February 2022

“It feels like I’ve come home!” Regional Director Mike Stevens returns to the team

Regional Director, Mike Stevens, re-joins the team ready to support the business’s growth in 2022 and beyond. Mike's decision to return was due to our exciting plans and growth ambitions.

5th January 2022

Optimum marks the New Year with new appointments

Jo Maniatt joins the team as Marketing Director, Szym Wasilewski as Finance Manager and Liam O’Shea as Financial Accountant.

16th December 2021

We're making changes to improve our service

We’re making some small changes to how our clients submit invoices and request payments.

6th December 2021

6 ways to get your invoices paid before Christmas

Getting your invoices paid before Christmas is a great feeling. It's the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be super stressful.

26th November 2021

Which leaders inspire you for International Leadership Week?

This International Leadership Week, we asked the Senior Leadership Team to share their favourite quotes that inspire and drive them in how they lead the company and their teams.

8th November 2021

Optimum Finance Recognised for Exponential Growth Potential by Innovate UK

We're delighted to announce that we've been accepted onto the UK government’s Innovate UK Scaleup Programme. The programme is designed to support highly innovative, ambitious, high-growth oriented companies.

13th October 2021

Directors’ duties – Minimising risk in uncertain times

Many business owners have faced challenges over the past year and have found themselves with liabilities. Heather Bamforth from Armstrong Watson explains how directors can minimise any risk arising in this situation.

1st October 2021

Former Small Business Commissioner Philip King joins Optimum Finance

Philip, who was also the former Chief Executive of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management, aims to champion not only the benefits of invoice finance as a cashflow funding tool, but also the advantages of early settlement in building stronger supply chain relationships.

30th September 2021

We've smashed our charity goal for Cancer Research UK

The amazing Optimum Finance team have raised a staggering amount for Cancer Research UK by running the Great Bristol 10K.

13th September 2021

Are your debtors giving you the run-around? Red flags and how to deal with them

We’ve seen it all and it’s made us experts at recognising the warning signs that indicate you might be about to encounter issues. It is vital that you have effective credit management to ensure your hard work turns into cash in your bank account and not just a profit figure on a set of accounts!

7th September 2021

We've bolstered our presence in the Midlands with a new hire

We've welcomed Ewan Clarke as Regional Director for the Midlands to support businesses seeking additional finance for sustained growth, business recovery and turnaround.

2nd September 2021

Staff Spotlight - Caroline Collins

Our team work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep funding accessible to our clients for when they need it. We spoke to Caroline, our Audit Manager to find out a little bit more about her role and why audits are so important to keeping funding open.

25th August 2021

Running for Cancer Research UK

This September Team Optimum will be running the Bristol 10K in support of our chosen charity, Cancer Research UK.

17th August 2021

Four signs of a great Relationship Manager. What should you expect from your invoice financier?

Relationship Manager, Kerry, gives us her insight into the level of service you should expect from your invoice finance provider.

23rd July 2021

Staff Spotlight - Reuben Keating

Assistant Accountant, Reuben, tells us about his role including pressing the big GO button on the hundreds of thousands of pounds we advance to clients.

6th July 2021

We've expanded to better service businesses in the North.

Paul Green is the latest in a series of appointments as we expand to better service our UK wide client base. Paul joins Optimum as the new Regional Director for the North.

23rd June 2021

The most important thing I’ve learnt from supporting thousands of businesses

It may seem fairly straight forward and obvious, but managing cash is not always as easy as cash in vs cash out.

18th June 2021

Evi joins the team as our new Product Owner

Evi joins the Optimum team as a Product Owner focusing on delivering our constantly improving, technology-based functions.

17th June 2021

Guest blog: Understanding the financial position of your business

Our friends at accountancy firm Armstrong Watson share their advice on understanding your business’s financial position and how to use this new knowledge in planning your next steps.

15th June 2021

Additional funding options now available thanks to new partnership

We've joined forces with Just Cashflow to support SMEs with even greater access to funding. The partnership will give new and existing clients access to Revolving Credit and more via Just Cashflow.

11th June 2021

Is the UK about to see a wave of insolvencies?

Regional Director, Iain Hendry, explores the possibility of a wave of insolvencies put forward in a report by the European Systemic Risk Board (ESRB)

4th June 2021

We've bolstered our tech team with additional hires

This week sees the arrival of two additional software developers to the Optimum Finance team. Muharrem Hatiboglu and Mohammad Redwan Ahmed have joined the team at an exciting time.

1st June 2021

Welcoming new Commercial Team Executive, Krystal Eddy, to the team

We’re overjoyed to welcome Krystal Eddy to the team. Krystal has joined our Commercial Team to make onboarding as smooth and simple as possible for our new clients.

24th May 2021

Vicky Williams appointed CFO tipping the balance to a female majority SLT

We're delighted to announce the appointment of Vicky Williams, as Chief Financial Officer filling the final slot in the Senior Leadership Team, with women holding a 60% majority.

17th May 2021

Round table: Can invoice finance save the day?

We brought together business leaders and industry experts to discuss the role that invoice finance could play as we emerge from the COVID-19 recession.

7th May 2021

Leading the drive in introducing invoice finance to more businesses through collaboration.

“For the good of SMEs, we need to work as allies.” This week Optimum Finance hosted the first gathering of finance heads to discuss how the invoice finance industry can help more businesses.

27th April 2021

8 reasons why you’ll love our customer service

Get the customer service you deserve with a dedicated Relationship Manager who understands your business. The help and guidance you receive is what could make or break your funding.

14th April 2021

Staff Spotlight - Jake Platts

After keeping our laptops and MS teams meetings running for the last two years, Jake now works to make new clients’ onboarding experience as easy and hassle free as possible.

1st April 2021

How does Invoice Finance work?

Invoice finance doesn't have to be daunting. Watch this short video to learn exactly how it works and how it could help your business.

12th March 2021

Where can SMEs go when big banks can’t help?

The current economic climate has already seen many funders close their doors or decrease their lending amounts. This is a blow to the SME community but there are still options out there.

4th March 2021

Our take on the 2021 UK budget and how it could affect SMEs

Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, has announced the 2021 budget. We take a look at one of the biggest announcements for SMEs, the Recovery Loan Scheme

1st March 2021

Optimum Finance scores ex-Microsoft Director as new CTO

We're happy to announce the appointment Gordon McIntosh, as Chief Technical Officer furthering their specialism in the FinTech space.

25th February 2021

Why the Prompt Payment Code could be Anti-SME

CEO of Optimum Finance Anthony Persse, argues that the new rules in the Prompt Payment Code may actually be detrimental to the SMEs that they’re designed to protect.

4th February 2021

Staff spotlight - Katy Richardson

We had a chat with Katy, one of our fantastic Relationship Managers, to hear more about her role at Optimum Finance.

27th January 2021

Staff spotlight - Sian Ware

We caught up with Assistant Relationship Manager Sian to hear how it’s all going, having celebrated her two-year anniversary with us in November:

19th January 2021

Staff spotlight - Sherie Culley

Meet Sherie. Sherie is our Head of Operations and has been with Optimum Finance for two and a half years.

18th January 2021

Unsung hero of the pandemic: Anze

Optimum Finance client Anze, manufactures reusable gowns for doctors, nurses and patients, plus drapes and scrub suits. They are at the very heart of the fight to overcome Covid, whose services are playing a vital role in the ongoing battle with the virus.

15th January 2021

Reporting on the financial impact on SMEs of the pandemic and forecasts the outlook to March 2021.

Leading invoice finance provider Optimum Finance reports on the financial first half-year impact on SMEs of the pandemic and forecasts the outlook to March 2021.

7th January 2021

Staff spotlight - Ivan Zlatkov

Meet Ivan! Ivan is one of our Financial Controllers and has been with Optimum Finance since August 2019.

17th December 2020

Staff spotlight - Beth Wilson

Beth is our superstar Assistant Relationship Management Team Leader and has been with Optimum since 2017.

8th December 2020

Optimum Finance Looks Ahead to 2021 with predictions for SMEs

After possibly the most challenging and tumultuous year for business in living memory, Optimum Finance CEO Anthony Persse looks ahead to the next 12 months:

6th December 2020

Optimum Finance unveils new website as part of new CEO’s strategic vision

Leading invoice finance provider Optimum Finance has unveiled a new website that facilitates instant funding decisions as part of an updated strategic vision.

2nd December 2020

Advice on turnaround finance and recovery

Our advice to businesses experiencing a downturn in their performance and looking for turnaround finance and recovery support.

10th November 2020

Turnaround and recovery support from Optimum Finance

We caught up with CCO Lynn-Marie Jameson to find out how we support companies that are experiencing problems.

28th October 2020

New appointments and a promotion at Optimum Finance

More industry heavyweights for Optimum Finance

19th October 2020

New CEO Appointed to Optimum Finance

Optimum Finance appoints Anthony Persse as new CEO

6th October 2020

Fast industry first web app service helps intermediary win deals

We caught up with Glenn Blackman, partner at FundInvoice LLP, to discuss how using our web app service has bolstered their offering.

27th August 2020

Transport and haulage firm appoints Optimum Finance to support invoice payments

Alex Hayward Managing Director at 14 Day UK Ltd, discusses how using Optimum Finance’s invoice finance services helped his business through Covid-19.

21st August 2020

Optimum Finance appoints three new industry heavyweights

Bristol and London-based invoice finance provider and fintech firm Optimum Finance has appointed three industry experts to bolster its offering.

19th August 2020

Webinar: Finance and risk mitigation – everything you need to know to support financial health

Leading UK invoice finance firm Optimum Finance is hosting a free online webinar for SME owners and managers whose businesses have been adversely affected, financially or otherwise, by the coronavirus pandemic and would like to know how to best to support their financial health.

28th July 2020

Five benefits for intermediaries using our web app

Our latest innovation in the invoice finance market is designed with intermediaries in mind.

28th July 2020

Introducing our web app for intermediaries

We are extremely excited to introduce our brand new web app for intermediaries.

10th June 2020

From Pandemic to Profit

Optimum Finance CEO Richard Pepler offers strategies to SMEs in planning for recovery

2nd June 2020

New funding line to provide support for SMEs during the coronavirus crisis

Leading UK invoice finance firm Optimum Finance has announced a new funding line increase to £16 million as it strives to provide small and medium businesses with access to immediate funds to enable a long-term healthy cash flow position.

17th May 2020

Companies and coronavirus – what to do if you run a UK SME

The Budget scheduled for tomorrow (Wednesday 11 March) looks set to be a defining moment in the Government’s handling of the Covid-19 global outbreak.

13th May 2020

Healthcare business support package

We have launched a support service designed for firms in the healthcare sector called Optimum Medic.

18th March 2020

The Budget breakdown – what SMEs need to know

In addition to the emergency interest rate cut announced by The Bank of England today (11 March) from 0.75% to 0.25% which will make borrowing cheaper for businesses, here’s a rundown of key Budget measures which will affect small and medium businesses

3rd March 2020

Myth busting – Open Banking explained

Open Banking is a financial technology (fintech) term. It refers to the process where open APIs (application programme interface) can be used by third parties to build digital applications which can perform a range of tasks and functions to facilitate the sharing of financial data.

28th February 2020

Hope & Ivy video case study

We visited our London based customer, designer fashion brand Hope & Ivy, to speak to company founder Beth Chilton about the business, and why they decided to leave their bank to begin working with us here at Optimum Finance.

19th February 2020

Be honest. Are you a distracted director?

It’s important to take stock of how you spend your time and regularly assess whether you are working as effectively as possible.

27th January 2020

Adan Limited video case study

We visited one of our customers Adan Limited based in Boston, Linconshire and spoke to managing director Steve Plaskitt about his business, the industry and how our services such as factoring and cash flow have improved cash flow for the company.

7th January 2020

Optimum Finance's credit controllers relieve manufactory firm, Adan Ltd, management team of chasing payments and admin tasks

Optimum Finance has delivered a specially tailored credit control and debtor protection service to Adan Limited since 2018

1st January 2020

Optimum Finance help fashion manufacturer pay suppliers to enable business growth

Dragon’s Den success story Hope and Ivy has achieved faster, more sustainable growth with the support of a flexible invoice finance package from Optimum Finance.

29th November 2019

Optimum Finance continues UK-wide expansion with appointment of new regional sales director

Invoice finance firm Optimum Finance has appointed Lynn-Marie Stephenson as regional sales director for the North, highlighting the company’s continued nationwide growth.

9th October 2019

Meet the team: COO Claire Lewis

The team at Optimum Finance is comprised of knowledgeable and professional invoice finance experts with a wealth of experience between them and the entrepreneurial skillsets to support our customers in securing the right cash flow and working capital solutions to drive growth.

26th September 2019

Optimising the road to growth Optimum Finance supports MBO deal for landscaping and road maintenance firm ATM

Invoice finance specialist Optimum Finance has provided funding to support an MBO by leading UK vegetation management, fencing and landscaping firm ATM.

12th September 2019

What does a healthy business look like? Top assessment criteria

It’s a common story. A new business is launched, proves a big hit, grows quickly and appears to be a huge success. It takes on more staff, moves into a bigger premises, attracts bigger contracts, then suddenly, out of the blue, it collapses.

9th September 2019

Invoice finance firm announces partnership with leading provider of finance directors

Specialist lender [Optimum Finance]( has announced a collaboration with [Tectona Partnership]( to broaden its business support offering and complement its range of services.

22nd August 2019

Invoice finance firm unveils dedicated credit management service designed to help SMEs get invoices paid faster

Optimum Finance is launching a dedicated credit management service in a bid to tackle the slow payment of invoices which plagues many thousands of UK small and medium businesses.

22nd August 2019

UK Bookbinders benefit from Optimum Finance's team advice and invoice discounting service to ease the way the company collects debtors and setting-up debtor collection agency

The Weston-super-Mare based company, UK Book Binders, has been print finishing for over 40 years, and have a combined experience of over 250 years in the trade. We have been working with them to support their extended growth.

10th August 2019

Optimum Finance invests in market leading Open Banking and Open Accounting technology to improve financial processes for UK SMEs

Fast growth firm Optimum Finance is leading the UK invoice finance market by incorporating cutting edge technological solutions into its client approvals, onboarding process and financial reporting systems.

22nd July 2019

Optimum App Featured

A business news site recently featured the Optimum Finance app for SMEs ([original article]( > Bristol-based invoice finance firm Optimum Finance has launched its industry’s first app aimed at accountants to empower them to gain almost immediate funding approval for their small business clients.

20th June 2019

Why drinks brands should use invoice finance as a business pick-me-up

The UK drinks market has been experiencing a boom in recent years, the gin category alone reached record highs in the summer of 2019 with sales, both home and abroad, peaking at £2.2 billion, according to the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA).

21st May 2019

SME Survey

Inconsistent payment terms resulting in cash flow pressure and an opaque financial outlook are the key findings of a survey of SME businesses in the South West.

30th April 2019

Further expansion and investment in new technology for invoice finance firm as SMEs continue to seek new funding sources

Specialist in SME finance Optimum Finance has published its first quarter results for 2019 to show growth of 15% in Q1 over Q4 in 2018, and 166% growth compared to Q1 in 2018, as small and medium-sized enterprises continue the upwards trend of using invoice finance and factoring services to manage cash flow.

16th April 2019

Invoice finance for the modern business – SMEs are embracing a new way of working: it’s called a relationship

The expectation of invoice finance as a business function is evolving into something much deeper, it’s no longer just about the money.

10th April 2019

Building strong partnerships with accountants

Accountants are key influencers when it comes to the management of their clients’ finances. They have a huge impact on SME clients and how funding solutions can contribute to commercial business success.

12th February 2019

Recruitment firm benefit from Optimum Finances services to help pay employees

Darcy Associates is a speclialist recruitment agency for construction workers. The company had worked with other finance companies, however, no one could keep up with their growth. When we started with working with Darcy Associates we immediately supported the businesses growths and values which helps them keep to their USP of paying workers before paying themselves.

17th January 2019

3Ks Engineering uses Optimum Finance's factoring service to help ease cash flow

We have been working with 3Ks Engineering Company Ltd for six months now and in this short time we have helped to improve their cash flow so they can focus on continuing to provide a fantastic quality service to their customers

7th January 2019

Overview of the Credit market

To put 2019 in perspective we need to take a look back. In the 3rd quarter 2009, Credit Insurance losses on failed businesses peaked at £89m for the UK. This was the delayed effect of 2008’s bubble bursting and set a new record.

19th December 2018

Why small businesses fail and how to avoid it

It’s no secret that the survival of small business can be challenging for entrepreneurs in the UK — only four in ten businesses survive past the five year mark of running the business.

17th December 2018

SME owners should pass a business ‘driving’ test before they can set up a new company

More than half of new UK businesses don’t survive beyond their first five years and while SME owners will readily blame the tax system, lack of bank lending or late payments, often the failure is down to something much more basic – bad financial management

12th November 2018

Optimum Finance and TML work together to support Alltek's billing cycle and provide additional funding.

We have now been working in partnership with finance brokers [TML Finance and Advisory]( for over a year and we’re proud to say that between us we have established a significant roster of clients across a wide range of industries.

17th October 2018

The British Distillers Alliance: Prevention is better than cure when it comes to your financial pipeline

The UK drinks market has boomed in recent years. The gin category alone achieved record sales of £2.2 billion in the summer of 2018 according to the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA), while the whisky market has seen an increase in sales of premium blends of 3.1 per cent.

16th September 2018

Optimum Finance SME trend analysis: SMEs post strong summer performance bucking the seasonal downturn

Invoice finance firm Optimum Finance has reported a summer boom for SMEs in the South West compared to growth in previous years and since the Brexit decision two years ago.

1st May 2018

How to prepare after winning a new contract

It’s that dream contract that could transform your business. A major new deal that is going to ignite growth and propel your company to the next level.

13th March 2018

Brexit bull

If there’s a horse at Cheltenham this week called ‘Brexit Bull’ I strongly urge you to put a hefty bet on it. It’s sure to be a good runner.

9th October 2017

Managing Your Relationships with Creditors and Debtors

All businesses have trading relationships with both suppliers and customers. Suppliers who extend credit to your business by letting you pay for goods or services after you receive them are your creditors.

18th July 2017

Importance of due diligence and the “Short Firm Fraud”

In this blog post we highlight a sophisticated scam, which targets trade suppliers of goods, often early stage companies building a client book. Small companies are being advised to be vigilant by increasingly sophisticated frauds such as the one explained below.