7th January 2021

Staff spotlight - Ivan Zlatkov

Ivan is our Financial Controller and has been with Optimum Finance since August 2019. Ivan grew up in Bulgaria where he played Volleyball professionally.  His passion and skill for the sport enabled Ivan to go and live in Las Vegas for six months, working at one of the MGM’s casinos while he was there.

After his time in Las Vegas Ivan was offered an athletic scholarship to study at a university in Los Angeles, CA, where he completed his degree in Business and Management. He later moved to Bristol and where he qualified as a Chartered Management Accountant.  

Apart from being a superstar Volleyball player, Ivan is an amazing Financial Controller. We caught up with him to ask what he loves about working at Optimum Finance:

“I have always worked with SMEs and start-ups, so when the opportunity to work for Optimum Finance came up, I jumped at the chance to join the invoice financier. I love my job at Optimum because the team is so cool and each member brings positive vibes and energy, which feeds into the wider culture. This also translates to client work, as we work very closely and build personal relationships with our clients. I really enjoy working in finance as this is an area where you are able to pull everything together and plan ahead.”

Outside of work Ivan and his wife are keen travellers, having visited 24 countries in the last five years. These include, New Zealand, Australia, The Caribbean, USA, Singapore, and his favourite destination, the island of O’ahu (Hawaii). Ivan also volunteers at Bristol Volleyball Club as a coach.