14th April 2021

Staff Spotlight - Jake Platts

Staff Spotlight Jake Platts

Jake has recently moved from being our IT Manager to focus solely on CRM development. After keeping our laptops and MS teams meetings running for the last two years, he now works to make new clients’ onboarding experience as easy and hassle free as possible. We asked Jake to tell us more about what he does.

“I work with the other developers in our team to automate the process of onboarding clients. The main goal of this is to lessen time spent doing menial tasks. Freeing up the time of our sales and relationship management teams gives them a greater ability to help our customers with advice and support about their new or existing invoice finance facilities.

“What I enjoy about the job is working with the senior leadership team, discussing the direction of the business, and finding the best ways that our IT and technology can support that. We’re taking processes we currently have and finding incremental ways to improve them all the time.

“The team is great. I love working with every person. I’m lucky in that my role works with every aspect of the business and so I get to talk to everyone at Optimum on a regular basis. The whole team is lovely and supportive, even outside of work. Before I joined Optimum, one of the main things I was looking for was a good group of people to work with.

A good environment is so much better for achieving and exceling both my personal professional goals, but also the company’s goals too.”

It’s not all work for Jake however, outside of the 9-5 he enjoys playing videogames and has regular commitments with three Dungeons & Dragons sessions every week!

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