10th March 2022

Meeting increased demand to support the NHS

Our client, Anze, made a huge difference to the UK health industry through the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re very proud to be a part of this work, supplying funding and support to the Nottinghamshire based business.

“Optimum have worked with us tirelessly to make sure that we’ve got money, when we need it, to buy the raw materials we need to keep the NHS fed.”

Anze was started in 2019 by Richard Lamb. With over 25 years’ experience in the medical wear industry, the company produces top quality reusable surgical gowns for medical establishments and the NHS.

Richard explained that back in the 90s when he first started working in the field, reusable gowns were a niche, growth market. As cheap disposable options became available from overseas, many health sector facilities short-sightedly chose this option for the immediate procurement savings.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, medical establishments soon found that their usual supplies ground to a halt, due to both the limited number of products available and overseas companies focusing on supplying their own countries. When this happened, Anze were ready to quickly step in with reusable, high quality products.

Anze’s products had the benefit of forming a circular system with hospitals now available to wash and reuse their PPE. There was no longer a need for continued procurement of new disposable gowns. Production at Anze skyrocketed. The combined effect of more expensive raw materials and a heightened demand meant Anze needed additional cash to keep the NHS fed.

Through their invoice discounting facility, Anze never had a problem with meeting these increased bills. For every invoice that they sent out to customers, they had money in the bank without having to wait for their customers to pay.

Workers at ANZE manufacturing reusable surgical gowns

“During the pandemic, suddenly our products became really, really important to the benefit of this country. We became incredibly popular, and it kept us incredibly busy. The cash that Optimum provided us with meant we could go and buy the raw materials that we needed, the same day, collecting them the day after.

“Increase in demand meant that the bills for our raw materials got higher, but it was never a problem, because we’d got the cash available to meet those bills as and when needed. We had a seamless flow of cash and raw materials, and never had an issue paying for those products – because we’d got cash coming in every day.

“Optimum have been absolutely brilliant.”

“Optimum have been absolutely brilliant. They’ve supported us throughout the pandemic and the account managers that we have are absolutely brilliant. They’re proactive, they're supportive, they’re empathic, they’re problem-solvers. They’ve worked with us tirelessly to make sure that we’ve got money, when we need it, to buy the raw materials that we needed to keep the NHS fed.

“I can’t speak highly enough of them.”

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