19th January 2021

Staff spotlight - Sherie Culley

Meet Sherie!

Sherie is our Head of Operations and has been with Optimum Finance for two and a half years. Sherie grew up in London and worked in advertising before she went travelling and met her husband. The couple then spent five ski seasons as Resort Managers in Verbier and Montreux, Switzerland. After deciding that they needed to “grow-up and get real jobs” Sherie and her husband settled in Weston-Super-Mare where they are raising their children.

Fun fact about Sherie, at a Christmas party a few years ago, she managed to convince our now CEO, Anthony Persse, to teach her how to do the worm breakdance move – we’re hoping she’s kept up the practise and puts on a show at our next Christmas party…

We caught up with Sherie to ask what she loves about working at Optimum Finance:

“There are many things I love about my job; aside from working with a fabulous team, it’s that I get to organise, troubleshoot and make many lists, all my strong points! I am a natural planner and problem solver and I believe if I’m presented with a problem, I should help find a solution; that doesn’t stop outside of work, so my mind is constantly ticking.”

“As Head of Operations, I get to support the team who in turn support our clients.  We want to provide stress-free funding and for that to happen our team need to work with the best systems and simplified processes so that our clients have access to their funds, quickly and efficiently.”

“Currently it’s the new path that we find ourselves on that gets me up in the morning.  There are exciting times to come as we look to the future with our new CEO.”

Outside of work, Sherie is a keen caravaner and, before the pandemic hit, would regularly take her family to Cornwall and Devon come rain or shine. Travelling anywhere continues to be a passion too as does skiing which the whole family enjoy, including the dog! Sherie is also a keen gardener, recently doing what many have done and turned from flowers to vegetables to get the kids involved during lockdown.