13th March 2024

Saskia marks the next generation of Team Optimum

We've partnered with the City of Bristol College to employ the company’s first apprentice and reflect our commitment to attract and develop the industry’s next generation of Invoice Finance professionals. 

Saskia Perkins now joins the team, launching her career in the world of invoice finance and leading to a Level 3 qualification in Business Administration. She will be trained, coached and mentored in how to assist the team in delivering support to SMEs, looking to unlock the tools and funding that invoice finance delivers and allowing them to thrive.  

Ant Persse, CEO of Optimum Finance, says Saskia’s appointment reflects an industry-wide focus to combat a growing skills gap: “With a fast-evolving business and social environment, our industry requires a modern wave of insight to help us better prepare for SME support now and in the future. And with recent statistics pointing to an increasing average age of employees in the financial services, the stakes are much higher. Much more must be done to help attract and develop young professionals in an important sector. 

“We’re delighted to welcome Saskia to the team, and for becoming our first apprentice, and we look forward to seeing her skills and talent shine within the world of invoice finance. 

Saskia is excited for the challenge ahead: “School doesn’t teach you about many different funding types like Invoice Finance. I’m excited to get started and learn more about how businesses like Optimum are working tirelessly to help other businesses grow even in periods of financial uncertainty.”