17th January 2019

3Ks Engineering uses Optimum Finance's factoring service to help ease cash flow

We have been working with 3Ks Engineering Company Ltd for six months now and in this short time we have helped to improve their cash flow so they can focus on continuing to provide a fantastic quality service to their customers. We hope it is the start of a long lasting and mutually beneficial relationship.3Ks Engineering Company Ltd offers a large fabrication and heavy machining service and are one of the largest companies to offer both these services. They work mainly with businesses in the oil and gas market sectors and are one of the longest running independent businesses based in the UK.

We recently spoke to Margaret Sullivan, head of accounts at 3Ks Engineering, to hear what she had to say about working with us:

Could you tell us a bit more about your role at 3Ks Engineering?

\ I work in accounts which means I manage the books for the business, including payroll and cash flow. I’ve been working here for 31 years now and have seen a lot of change in the business and the industry over the years. My role means that I need to know about all the projects at 3Ks Engineering, including the work of all my colleagues, what customer contracts we are working on at any one time and any new business opportunities that are in the pipeline.

\ Could you tell us a little bit more about your relationship with Optimum Finance?

\ We chose Optimum Finance for a reason: its specific package ideally suits a business like ours and I feel the professionalism and high-quality service the team provide is unrivalled.

\ What services do you use?

\ At the moment, we use the factoring service, where Optimum Finance advances a percentage of the money owed by our customers and takes care of our sales ledger management. This has been incredibly useful when it comes to balancing the accounts as it gives us more time to focus on our customer service and quality control.

\ What are the benefits of working with Optimum Finance?

\ Our cash flow has improved significantly since working with Optimum Finance. We get varying amounts of money from our customers throughout the month, which can make it hard to balance the books when it comes to things like monthly sales figures and our staff payroll. Optimum Finance’s factoring service helps massively with this, as it gives us more time to understand what money we are owed and when, so we highly recommend it.

\ How do you find liaising with the team?

\ We have direct contact with account manager Jessica Ardis and her team, and so we know that there will always be someone there to answer any queries we have about the services provided in a professional and efficient manner.

\ What does the future hold for 3Ks Engineering alongside Optimum Finance?

\ In 2018 we saw many technological advancements in materials and machinery improving the industry and 3Ks Engineering was at the forefront of it all. We believe Optimum Finance can help to support this in 2019 by making our cash flow one less thing to worry about as we move towards being a business of the future.