Invoice-based financing solutions for SMEs
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Faster funding with Optimum’s digital solutions

We’re the only invoice finance business in the UK to provide small and medium sized businesses and intermediaries with instant offers and total automation of the application and approval process.


For SME businesses

If you are looking for a fast, flexible funding solutions the first step is to contact one of our highly experience business advisors who can assist you in choosing the right funding option for your size and type of business.

Go to our savings calculator to see how invoice finance can help your business and release cash tied up in invoices.


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For intermediaries

As an intermediary – accountant, brokers or financial/business advisor you will be looking for the best funding options for your clients.

However you choose to do business – whether online, through your own platform, using a CRM system or face to face, we can offer a set of easy to use, automated digital invoice finance solutions.

Our expert staff and industry-first technology combined provides every client with rapid lending decisions and instant offers.


App-based instant lending decisions:

Our web-based application can be used anytime, anywhere via a laptop, mobile or tablet.

It requests step-by-step information – such as predicted turnover, number of debtors and business sector. In around a minute you’ll receive an instant funding decision and offer and offer for your client. This decision will then be verified and underwritten by our experienced team.

If the application for lending is unsuccessful, we will issue a detailed explanation of the decision to facilitate discussion with your client about their options.


Link to our funding platform with our API

Our API allows intermediaries CRM and back-office systems to communicate directly with our funding platform. This means as an intermediary partner you can offer clients industry-leading funding solutions with minimal development.

Since each broker collects different information from client businesses in order to advise on lending, the API has been designed to be flexible in handling varied data.

You are kept up to date at every step of the application process –  a status update of a referral can be requested at any time or you can opt to receive status updates by email, through the app, or via our API.

After completing an application, you can then use the Introducers’ Dashboard to follow its journey until your client has been paid out.

Every application made through our web app or API is tracked against the original introducer so you have absolute transparency in any referrals you make.