17th December 2020

Staff spotlight - Beth Wilson

Meet Beth!

Beth is our superstar Assistant Relationship Management Team Leader and has been with Optimum since 2017. She started as a credit controller and then made the jump to the relationship management team and has never looked back.

We caught-up with Beth to ask why she loves working at Optimum Finance:

“The people at Optimum Finance make it a wonderful place to work, I love the creative ideas everyone has and bouncing them off each other. Everyone who works at Optimum has an amazing work ethic and my team are fantastic at building relationships with our clients.

“I thoroughly enjoy the nitty gritty part of my role and supporting customers cashflow, which is at the heart of what we do at Optimum. Having been with the company three and a half years I have seen it blossom and go from strength-to-strength and this is because we work with innovative SMEs and are all friends at work. There is never a dull day at Optimum and I am so lucky to work in a company where everyone is so lush!”

Outside of work Beth loves going out for food, spending time with her family and friends and looking after her ‘daughter’ … her cat called Toffee.