2nd September 2021

Staff Spotlight - Caroline Collins

Meet Caroline, our audit manager

There are many moving parts to invoice finance that you’ll possibly never see. Our team work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep funding accessible to our clients for when they need it. One of these people is our Audit Manager, Caroline. We spoke to Caroline to find out a little bit more about her role and why audits are so important to keeping funding open.

“My role is to schedule, manage and conduct audit activity for our portfolio of clients. I also perform surveys on new businesses joining us. It’s essential that we have a clear view of the financial position of our clients so we can offer an ongoing funding facility bespoke to them.

“Part of my role is suggesting process improvements to businesses from items raised in their audit. I’m here to support businesses, not to catch anyone out. Financial rules exist to help everyone and by ensuring that all of our clients can follow these rules, we can make sure that they’re getting the most from their funding.

“I work with clients from all sorts of industries from logistics, to wholesale, to recruitment. It’s a varied role and I LOVE it. At Optimum I feel like I’m person and not a number! It’s great that we all work as a team and everyone I so friendly and approachable.”

Outside of the office, Caroline is a keen photographer and can often be found at the beach with her young children or cruising around in her classic car.