12th November 2018

Optimum Finance and TML work together to support Alltek's billing cycle and provide additional funding.

TML Finance and Advisory provides businesses with fully independent and impartial advice about asset-backed business finance and the services they cover include asset finance, refinance, commercial property and business loans.

We recently caught up with Neil Sharp, director at TML Finance and Advisory, to hear what he had to say about working with us:

Could you tell us a little bit more about the partnership with Optimum Finance?

Often, our clients are looking for advice on invoice financing solutions and in those cases, where possible, we will introduce them to Optimum Finance. We then work together to meet the client’s specific needs and to ensure they are supported from both sides before, during and after a deal is going through.

How long have you been working with us?

It’s been about a year now and we’ve currently got 14 deals on the go. For those with invoice finance needs, we will always approach Optimum Finance first because they are such a pleasure to work with and we’ve forged a very strong relationship.

What are the benefits of working with Optimum Finance?

One of the main reasons we are always keen to work with the amazing team at Optimum Finance is the speed with which the company processes transactions – in the past, we’ve had a deal paid out to a client in less than a week! It says a lot that no clients have ever left Optimum Finance once they’ve been assigned.

Tell us about Alltek, one of our client success stories

Alltek is a great example of a client for which Optimum Finance went above and beyond once we had made the introduction. Alltek’s billing cycle was unusual and additional funding was needed to complete the acquisition so many other invoice financiers would not have been able to structure such a complicated deal.

However, the Optimum Finance team was willing to go the extra mile and understand the nature of the support required, and to get to know the company and the people working there. As a result, a successful deal was agreed.

What does the future hold for TML Finance and Advisory alongside Optimum Finance?

The team at Optimum Finance is incredibly dynamic and the company is always eager to please the clients we introduce; at TML Finance and Advisory we’re looking forward to continuing this effective relationship and to delivering positive results for our clients with invoice finance needs.