4th February 2021

Staff spotlight - Katy Richardson

Katy is one of our fantastic Relationship Managers and has been with us since March 2020, having previously spent over ten years working at RBS in a risk role. Hailing from Leeds, Katy focuses her attention on Optimum’s lovely clients based in the North of England.

We had a chat with Katy to hear more about her role at Optimum:

“Where to start! My role is so multi-faceted that everyday truly is totally different. There is such a diversity in the SMEs that are our clients, which means each business has contrasting needs and circumstances. Things can change in a heartbeat which requires quick reactions and adaptations – I love this aspect of my job; it makes it challenging and exciting.

“The best part of my role is coming in each morning and not knowing what particular challenges lie ahead – and ultimately helping our clients to achieve their financial goals in whatever form that may take.

“I have felt so proud to have been able to support our clients through the pandemic. We’ve made a real difference to the businesses that have still been trading and that is a great feeling. Having a really supportive team around me makes all the difference too.”

Outside of work, Katy is passionate about helping the elderly. She works with the charity Re-engage in the North East to help identify isolated older people and connect with them to be a friend when they need it.