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Optimum Finance CEO Richard Pepler’s top five New Year’s Resolutions for your business

With 2019 just around the corner, it’s that time when we start to consider those New Year’s Resolutions to better ourselves in the year to come.


At Optimum Finance, we think it’s important to make resolutions for your business too with the new year presenting fresh opportunities for growth and success.


Optimum Finance CEO Richard Pepler has spent 24 years running successful invoice finance firms and has worked alongside many business-owners during his professional career. Richard recently wrote his 40 Golden Rules for running a business based on his experience and insight, which you may have already seen on our blog.


We asked Richard what his top five Golden Rules were and what his New Year’s Resolutions for business success would be:


  1. Always under-promise and over-deliver
    It’s easy to go into the new year with an overly optimistic attitude to your business’ capabilities, whether it’s taking on too many clients or agreeing to deadlines beyond what your resources allow. It’s always better to be pragmatic and realistic when it comes to delivering to customers and clients. This way, achieving what you originally set out to do will be a lot easier and affords you the time to assess your resources and go above and beyond for certain clients if possible, without sacrificing the work of your other clients.
  2. Mix with successful people
    As a business, it’s easy to exist in your little bubble and forget to look externally when it comes to solving business-related problems. Over the years, I have found that you can always learn more from others than you realise. In 2019, take advantage of networking opportunities when you can or simply have conversations with clients and competitor companies. Success breeds success; take a look at what other companies are doing well and do it better.

  4. Provide your customers with top-class service
  5. At a time when social media wields incredible power over brands and businesses, providing top-class customer service and keeping your clients happy is more important than ever. Complaints made via your social channels will likely be seen by all your followers and more, so not only is it important to avoid complaints arising in the first place but you should also ensure you have an efficient customer service process in place if this does happen.


  6. Remember that the only poor decision is not making one
  7. With current affairs such as Brexit and global warming causing uncertainty about the future of our country, it’s very easy to simply stick with what’s comfortable or just bury our heads in the sand. The new year should be a chance to make positive changes; seek out and pursue new opportunities because no one ever got anywhere by standing still.


  8. Coach and train, and create an environment in which your staff can excel

    Finally, let 2019 be the year that you make an effort to coach others, by mentoring and training your staff and creating a positive and collaborative environment that promotes excellence and success. By keeping ideas to yourself, individuals are restricted by their resources. In a workplace where ideas and knowledge are shared, teams are much more likely to work together in order to make your business a success.


    Happy New Year from all of us here at Optimum Finance! We hope these resolutions help you and your business have a successful 2019.



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