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Purplefish Case Study

Find out how PR Agency Purplefish has benefited by using invoice finance

Optimum Finance and 3Ks Engineering Company Ltd

We have been working with 3Ks Engineering Company Ltd for six months now and in this short time we have helped to improve their cash flow so they can focus on continuing to provide a fantastic quality service to their customers. We hope it is the start of a long lasting and mutually beneficial relationship.3Ks …read more

Optimum Finance CEO Richard Pepler’s top five New Year’s Resolutions for your business

With 2019 just around the corner, it’s that time when we start to consider those New Year’s Resolutions to better ourselves in the year to come.   At Optimum Finance, we think it’s important to make resolutions for your business too with the new year presenting fresh opportunities for growth and success.   Optimum Finance …read more

How to prepare after winning a new contract

It’s that dream contract that could transform your business. A major new deal that is going to ignite growth and propel your company to the next level. This is amazing news, time for toasts and celebrations. You’ve hit the big time. But be careful. Don’t let your over excitement and eagerness at winning this new …read more

Building strong partnerships with accountants

Accountants are key influencers when it comes to the management of their clients’ finances. They have a huge impact on SME clients and how funding solutions can contribute to commercial business success. We work with fantastic accountants throughout the South West and across the UK, providing their SME clients with our invoice finance services to …read more

Optimum Finance in partnership with TML Finance and Advisory

TML Finance Advisory

We have now been working in partnership with finance brokers TML Finance and Advisory for over a year and we’re proud to say that between us we have established a significant roster of clients across a wide range of industries. TML Finance and Advisory provides businesses with fully independent and impartial advice about asset-backed business …read more

Darcy Associates Case Study

Darcy Associates Case Study

See how Optimum Finance helped Darcy Associates

Debtor Protection

High Street Closures Debtor Protection

Overview of the Credit market To put 2019 in perspective we need to take a look back. In the 3rd quarter 2009, Credit Insurance losses on failed businesses peaked at £89m for the UK. This was the delayed effect of 2008’s bubble bursting and set a new record. In the 2nd quarter 2018, losses reached …read more

Trials of Being a CEO – How NOT to do it

Day in the lift of Richard Pepler

With great power, comes great stress. We’ve all had bad days at work but, when the problems escalate, the buck stops with the lucky old CEO. So, I wondered how many business leaders would relate to the description below in one way or another and thought I would offer some sage advice on how to …read more

The 40 Golden Rules of Optimum Finance’s CEO

Golden Rules from Richard Pepler

Richard Pepler, our CEO, is first and foremost a business man, having spent 24 years running successful invoice finance firms. His extensive experience and commercial drive always resonate well with the business owners we work with. Standard strategies for running a successful business can be applied to all companies without exception, but here are Richard’s …read more