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UK SMEs owed more than £586 billion in outstanding invoices

The average small business is owed more than £108,000 in unpaid invoices, an increase of 8 per cent since the last Business in Britain report in January 2016, with almost a third of firms citing late payments as the biggest cause of cashflow problems. The new research, which gathers the views of more than 1,500 …read more

Is factoring complimentary to, or competitive with banking?

Before examining the different and quite distinct role played by the factor, I would suggest that there is an important distinction to be drawn between the respective responsibilities of banker and factor. Both the banker and the factor have first to produce a satisfactory return on their shareholders funds but, after this requirement, I believe …read more

UK Employee Absence

UK Employee Absence

This infographic, published in The Talent Management Special Report by Raconteur, reveals the average working days lost per employee per year in the UK. Additionally, it highlights reasons to call in sick and cost of absence

We’re only as rich as our debts!


“Paying on the nail!” No business likes to do this if it can possibly be avoided and deliberate late payment is spreading plague-like throughout large sections of industry in the UK. If companies continue to survive they are left with greatly diminished liquidity, but Richard Pepler, Chief Executive of Optimum SME Finance Limited, suggests some …read more