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Debtor Protection

High Street Closures Debtor Protection

Overview of the Credit market To put 2019 in perspective we need to take a look back. In the 3rd quarter 2009, Credit Insurance losses on failed businesses peaked at £89m for the UK. This was the delayed effect of 2008’s bubble bursting and set a new record. In the 2nd quarter 2018, losses reached …read more

Control of Cash!

The effects of the recent recession have shown us that “control of cash is the single most important factor in running any business however good the product potential and however good the skills of the management team” (Genghis Khan Guide to Business). We explore the use of invoice finance to firm up a company’s cash …read more

Why small businesses fail and how to avoid it

It’s no secret that the survival of small business can be challenging for entrepreneurs in the UK — only four in ten businesses survive past the five year mark of running the business. Businesses fail from making continuous mistakes which lead to the collapse of their business, so knowing the causes of business failure is …read more

When the money runs out!

As the UK emerges from the worst recession post-war, its vulnerability to the funding gap has been seen to be particularly acute. Still, three or four years since we emerged Optimum SME Finance believe that as many as one in five SMEs could be overtrading.   Overtrading is when new business absorbs working capital faster …read more

Importance of due diligence and the “Short Firm Fraud”

Due Diligence and understanding the ability and willingness to pay of your counterparties is important in all business relationships, not only for lenders and specialty financiers. In this blog post we highlight a sophisticated scam, which targets trade suppliers of goods, often early stage companies building a client book. Small companies are being advised to …read more

Managing Your Relationships with Creditors and Debtors

All businesses have trading relationships with both suppliers and customers. Suppliers who extend credit to your business by letting you pay for goods or services after you receive them are your creditors. Customers who owe you money for goods or services that you have supplied are your debtors. The balance between when you need to …read more

Is invoice finance a good form of business funding?

Lots of businesses could benefit from the financial help of some kind, whether it’s extra funding for growth or regular cash injections to balance cash flow. Could invoice finance be the answer? Invoice finance is growing in popularity as a simple solution to a variety of financial funding needs, yet many business owners are unsure …read more

Top 10 survival strategies for SMEs next year

What do small business owners need to do next year to grow their businesses? Make these 10 tips your resolutions.   1. Mind your cash-flow Understand exactly what your finances are telling you. Issue invoices promptly and chase up debtors; don’t buy more stock than you need; negotiate longer credit terms with suppliers; shorter ones for customers; …read more


At a time when profits are still being squeezed by the effects of the last recession, the factoring of debt can offer companies considerable costs benefits over an in-house operation. Optimum Finance can achieve direct savings for clients resulting from increased efficiency in sales ledger management and collections plus the protection afforded by up to …read more

Succeeding as an SME in the age of digital disruption

SMEs have rarely worked through a time of more challenge – and more opportunity – than the current period of digital disruption. When markets can change overnight and technology underpins virtually every sector, businesses need a new, strategic approach to secure success. Technology is changing the very fabric of how businesses operate. SMEs are well …read more