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Luxus Trade Case Study

Luxus Case Study

Invoice financing case study for Luxus Trade home fragrances.

Case Study: Office Furniture Company


Products: Designs and manufactures office furniture. Customer Base: Nationwide dealer network. Reason for Approach: With significant investment in a greatly expanded product range, cash flow was tight at Office Furniture Company*. The managing director felt that it was the ideal time to explore invoice discounting which would help secure financial stability and release the capital …read more

Case Study: Special Sandwich Ltd


Products: Organises the production and supply of chilled sandwiches and other refrigerated products. Customer Base: Garage convenience stores and other independent groups and retailers. Reason for Approach: Having used factoring services at a high-street bank for six years, the directors wanted to find a more personal and bespoke factoring arrangement. The Story Gloucester-based Special Sandwich …read more