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Companies and coronavirus – what to do if you run a UK SME

The Budget scheduled for tomorrow (Wednesday 11 March) looks set to be a defining moment in the Government’s handling of the Covid-19 global outbreak. While many business and public health ‘experts’ have to date been advising a common-sense, ‘carry on’ approach, the threat to the economy is real. SMEs will be on the frontline in …read more

Myth busting – Open Banking explained

Open Banking is a financial technology (fintech) term. It refers to the process where open APIs (application programme interface) can be used by third parties to build digital applications which can perform a range of tasks and functions to facilitate the sharing of financial data. This sharing of data can be used to speed up …read more

Christmas cash flow – is your business in danger of the January blues?

It’s all too easy to take your eye off the bauble over the festive period when running a business only to find the bank account is not looking sparkly as your Christmas jumper at the end of the month. When examining cash flow trends in SMEs – it’s clear that December and January are danger …read more

Be honest. Are you a distracted director?

If you’re reading this you’ll no doubt fall into one of two camps: You know you should be doing something else but this caught your eye and now you’re intrigued to know more You’re totally in control of your own time and ensure you schedule in time each week to read articles which will inspire …read more

Meet the team: COO Claire Lewis

Claire Lewis

Claire Lewis Chief Operating Officer   The team at Optimum Finance is comprised of knowledgeable and professional invoice finance experts with a wealth of experience between them and the entrepreneurial skillsets to support our customers in securing the right cash flow and working capital solutions to drive growth. In this blog series, we will be …read more

Invoice finance for the modern business – SMEs are embracing a new way of working: it’s called a relationship

The expectation of invoice finance as a business function is evolving into something much deeper, it’s no longer just about the money. SME owners need a relationship based service not a funding arrangement so typically offered by banks and other providers.  Invoice finance should be viewed as a consultancy based service which enables expansion and …read more

The British Distillers Alliance: Prevention is better than cure when it comes to your financial pipeline

The UK drinks market has boomed in recent years. The gin category alone achieved record sales of £2.2 billion in the summer of 2018 according to the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA), while the whisky market has seen an increase in sales of premium blends of 3.1 per cent. A plethora of start-up businesses …read more

Factoring vs invoice discounting: how should you choose?

Why drinks brands should use invoice finance as a business pick-me-up

The UK drinks market has been experiencing a boom in recent years, the gin category alone reached record highs in the summer of 2019 with sales, both home and abroad, peaking at £2.2 billion, according to the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA). Even the previously static Whisky market has seen an increase in sales …read more

What does a healthy business look like? Top assessment criteria

by Richard Pepler, CEO of Optimum Finance It’s a common story. A new business is launched, proves a big hit, grows quickly and appears to be a huge success. It takes on more staff, moves into a bigger premises, attracts bigger contracts, then suddenly, out of the blue, it collapses. More than half of new …read more