Claire Lewis

Chief Operating Officer

I have worked in the finance industry for 23 years. I will always remember my first day, I was tasked with stuffing envelopes with monthly customer statements (all 2500 of them), It took me two days, but during those days, I listened to all that was going on around me and was so intrigued with this new world of ‘business’ and I felt sure that I wanted to be part of it. I’m glad I had the opportunity - the papercuts were definitely worth it!

Being part of the Optimum Finance team is amazing, we work so well together and are committed to all that we do for our clients while having lots of fun along the way.

I love being able to come up with solutions, whether it is a funding solution for a client or one of my staff has a tricky situation to deal with or creating a new process. I really enjoy building new relationships with people, especially clients and learning about what they do. Some of the businesses that I have come across over the years have been so interesting.  

Out of work I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, cooking up delicious meals and baking with the children. I also love going to the gym for Body Attack or Body Combat sessions. They are high impact and high energy and it always makes me feel better about myself. I also do yoga and run along the seafront that I am fortunate to live near.

Fun fact about me - I once did a tandem skydive at 13,500 ft with the Red Devils, it was exhilarating!