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The 40 Golden Rules of Optimum Finance’s CEO

Richard Pepler, our CEO, is first and foremost a business man, having spent 24 years running successful invoice finance firms. His extensive experience and commercial drive always resonate well with the business owners we work with.

Standard strategies for running a successful business can be applied to all companies without exception, but here are Richard’s own 40 golden rules that he swears by for running a thriving company, whether it’s big or small, established or start-up:


  1. Always under-promise and over-deliver
  2. Keep things simple
  3. Always look to be better
  4. Mix with successful people
  5. Empower your staff
  6. Respect your staff – they are your biggest asset but can be your biggest problem
  7. Remember that the only poor decision is not making one
  8. Be honest with, and believe in, yourself – self-confidence is a vital asset
  9. Work hard, think ahead and try to recognise opportunities
  10. Be cautious yet realistic in your budgeting
  11. Have no ‘red tape’
  12. Provide your customers with top class service
  13. Never have a negative thought
  14. Be flexible and open your mind
  15. Don’t forget that there is always someone else that knows better than you
  16. Have good PR
  17. Stop talking and listen!
  18. Strive to be the best and don’t stop until you are
  19. Have a ‘can do’ attitude
  20. Do regular, accurate management accounts – and make sure you read them!
  21. Remember that the customer always knows best and comes first
  22. ‘Cash is King’
  23. Respect your financiers
  24. Don’t expect anything to go in straight lines
  25. Remember your hard-core skills and products – don’t lose sight of what you’re best at
  26. Test the market first
  27. Be fresh in your approach
  28. Have good advisers (and listen to them)
  29. Watch overheads
  30. Never allow marketing to slip
  31. Don’t lose sight of the risks to your business
  32. Coach and train, and create an environment in which your staff can excel
  33. Encourage a company culture
  34. Never make assumptions, it can be dangerous
  35. Find out what the customer wants and not what you want to give them
  36. Rid yourself of Excusitis – the failure disease
  37. Have a ‘no blame’ culture
  38. Believe you can succeed and you will – be better than ‘Ok, I’ll give it a try but I don’t think it will work’
  39. Always do what you say you’re going to
  40. Finally, ALWAYS make the ‘right’ decision, NOT the ‘popular’ one

We always appreciate hearing your views so if you have a great piece of business advice you’d like to share please feel free to get in touch!


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